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Why attend a live seminar in a city near me?

  • Get updated on the latest hardware and software solutions and services for enhancing embedded system designs and overcoming development obstacles!
  • Meet industry experts who explain the latest techniques, tools and solutions
  • Choose courses and sessions that directly address issues impacting current and future work projects!
  • Minimize travel time and expense by attending a DevCon Extension seminar at a convenient location in the US, Canada, Mexico or Brazil!

Join Renesas at
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Why attend online?

  • Eliminate travel time and expense by attending DevCon Extension Online courses for a few minutes, an hour, or whatever and whenever your schedule allows!
  • Gain insight from industry experts during our live Webinar events and get answers to specific questions and concerns!
  • Obtain vital information and data at no cost and with a minimal investment of time---plus registration enters your name for regular give away drawing on HW/SW tools and more!
  • View content privately in the comfort of your office, home, or favorite chair. Wear your suit, your sweats, whatever you want. Shirt and shoes are optional for these courses!